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  • visuel Lourdes United carre EN

    Lourdes United

    Be part of the first pilgrimage on line on July 16th !


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  • visuel Pyrenees riviere

    Great activities that have reopened for all !

    Have a look to all the possible activities re-energising and fully enjoyable for all that you can do and share in Lourdes and just around it in the Pyrenees.


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  • visuel Lourdes direct Pope

    Lourdes in live for the Pentecost

    Follow the Pope Francis on May 30, 2020 and all the masses of Pentecost


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  • visuel reouverture activités mai2020 Gavarnie OT Lourdes

    Activites to do (again) in the Pyrenees

    They have reopened !


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  • visuel book safety

    Book in total confidence

    The weel-being and the safety of our clients are and remain our first priorities.


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  • photos Sanctuaire reouverture mai 2020

    The Sanctuary is reopening for local pilgrims with sanitary measures

    On Saturday 16th of may, the Sanctuary is reopening for the local pilgrims and visitors provided sanitary measures are respected by all and for all.


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  • visuels 2 videos NV 2020 avril

    News from Lourdes

    Thank you for your words of support in response to our videos and messages. Take care of you and of those you love.


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  • photos Sanctuaire Lourdes dans les medias 2020 avril

    Lourdes through the medias

    Discover Lourdes and the Sanctuary through the eyes of the print media, TV, radio and social networks, in France and internationally.


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  • solidarité 2020 avril HV Lourdes

    Solidarity with our everyday heroes

    Cheers and huge thanks to all those who helped for realizing and distributing protective masks and gowns for caregivers.


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  • visuel v2 Easter EN FR

    Happy Easter to all !

    Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones !


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