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  • Calendar 2018

    2018, a year so full of events in Lourdes !

    Discover how much 2018 shall be a year full of anniversaries and of emotions to share with worldwide pilgrims ! Not only shall it be the 160th anniversary of the aparitions of Mary to Bernadette [...]


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  • 160 years

    It was the first apparition almost 160 years ago !

    The 160th anniversary of the Apparitions are getting prepared in Lourdes !


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  • Sanctuaire de Lourdes-Hotels Vinuales

    Masses and celebrations in 2016-2017

    To fully enjoy your stay in Lourdes, please check the calendar masses, processions and daily celebrations at the Grotto throughout the season.


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  • Actualités-Hospitalier

    How to become a Hospitalier-Volunteer

    In 2015, 130th Anniversary of the "Hospitalité" of Our Lady of Lourdes. Volunteer helpers in Lourdes are called "Hospitaliers". This word has not a medical meaning. In french, "être hospitalier" [...]


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  • Actualités-Lourdes-Grands Sites

    Lourdes: a city classified « Grand site »

    The Midi-Pyrénées country benefits from a rich cultural inheritance (fortified churches, basilicas, castles, festivals…) as well as from a preserved natural landscape (National Pyrénées Park) which [...]


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  • Actualités-Sanctuaire Marial

    The European Marian Network

    The Sanctuaries of Lourdes forged a european network marial, linking the great centers of pilgrimage devoted to the Virgin Mary. Each Sanctuary has its own particular atmosphere. Pilgrims find a [...]


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