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Schedules of the Sanctuaries of Lourdes, visiting the places where Bernadette Soubirous lived, the Grotto of Lourdes, processions, the baths and the water of Lourdes... the religious life of Lourdes.

Life of Bernadette Soubirous

18 apparitions - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe dates of the 18 apparitions

As soon as the apparitions began in 1858 Bernadette Soubirous spoke of these visions of the Virgin Mary.  On the ninth apparition she followed Our Lady's instructions and discovered a source of the Massabielle Grotto in Lourdes. Between the 11th February and the 16th July 1858, the Virgin Mary appeared to her 18 times.



The life of Bernadette - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe life of Bernadette Soubirous

Bernadette Soubirous, real name Mary - Bernarde Soubirous, born in January the 7th of 1844 in Lourdes and died April the 16th 1879 in Nevers. Bernadette lived exceptional events when the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.


Bernadette et Nvers - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesBernadette et Nevers (France)

Bernadette Soubirous left Lourdes to Nevers and the convent of the Sisters of Charity at the age of 15 years old. Dedicated and full of life, she devoted himself entirely to the underprivileged.  Reached by tuberculosis, she died at 35 years old in the convent; She will be canonized in 1933.

His preserved body rests in the chapel Sainte-Bernadette in Nevers.


9 apparations - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesFrom the first to the ninth apparition

As soon as her visions of the Virgin Mary begain,Bernadette Soubirous shared them with others.  On the ninth apparition she followed Our Lady's instructions and discovered a source at the foot of Massabielle Grotto in Lourdes.



From the 10th to the 18th - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesFrom the 10th to the 18th apparition

In the course of the apparitions Bernadette became more confident.  Increasing numbers of people accompanied her, copying her gestures.  Our Lady had messages for her and the priests only.



Bernadette's footsteps - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesIn Bernadette's footsteps, Jubilee way

Jubilee year is an invitation to follow in Bernadette footsteps at the time of the apparitions.  Pilgrims and visitors are invited to discover the different sites in the Marian city, places where Bernadette experienced unforgettable events here in Lourdes.



The missions - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe missions

Lourdes is not only a pilgrimage site; the Shrine's mission is also to spread faith throughout the world.  Thus 12 Church missions have been entrusted to important pilgrimages.




Sanctuaries Our Lady of Lourdes

Access to the Grotto and the Sanctuaries of Lourdes

The Grotto and Shrines are open every day of the year 24 hours a day. 

From 5:00 until midnight, by the entries Saint Joseph (Place Bishop Théas) and Saint Michel (Boulevard father Rémy Sempé - Boulevard of the Grotto)



The Lourdes water - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Lourdes water

Our Lady spoke to Bernadette Soubirous "Go and drink the water at the spring and bathe in it.  It is for sinners".
Since that day, thousands of people have drunk and bathed in this miraculous water.



The mosaics - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe mosaics in the Rosary basilica

The originality and beauty of the Rosary basilica no doubt lies in its 15 mosaics, which were made by famous mosaicists and recount the 15 mysteries.


The processions - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Processions

Every day at 5 pm at Lourdes' Shrines, take part in the Eucharistic procession when a great many people accompany the sick to be blessed.  In the evening, torchlight Marian processions bring the pilgrims together once more.



The Rosary Basilica - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Rosary Basilica

The construction of this neo-Byzantine style basilica built in the shape of a Greek cross began in 1875 and it was inaugurated in 1889.  It was erected in honour of the crowning of Our Lady of Lourdes, and is beautifully decorated.  Daily masses and exceptional celebrations are regularly organized there.



International masses - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesInternational masses

International masses are celebrated from Easter to October, on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:30 am at Saint Pius X basilica. 

Up to 30,000 pilgrims of different nationalities regularly take part in these celebrations, accompanied in their faith by priest from all over the world

The shrine information forum - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Shrine information forum

The information forum inside Our Lady's Shrines in Lourdes is open all year round.  The reception personnel have access to all information concerning the celebrations, masses, processions and any other religious information that may be useful to your stay in Lourdes.



Visiting the Shrine - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesVisiting the Shrines of Lourdes

Alone or as a family, there's plenty of choice: you can watch the video that relates the life of Bernadette, follow the Jubilee Way or be a "one day pilgrim"…Our Lady's Shrines offer various visiting formulas to suit your stay in Lourdes.


The pavilions - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe pavilions, areas of welcome and exchange

Thepavilions are discussion and exchange centres, each pavilion having its own specific theme.  The pavilions of Our Lady's Shrines enable Christians from all over the world to gather to discuss daily and family life together.  A priest is present to guide discussions and pay attention to your own particular concerns.



Places of workship - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesPlaces of worship

The Shrines house very diverse religious buildings and open-air areas able to welcome a great many pilgrims come to commune in Lourdes.  Basilicas, chapels, churches…  Discover the main places of worship.



Recoveries & miracles - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesRecoveries and miracles

A great many sick people come to Lourdes to hear the message of hope left by the Virgin Mary during her apparitions to Bernadette Soubirous

The statues within the shrine area - Hôtels VinualesThe statues within the Shrine area

From Saint Michael's gate and the Breton Calvary to the statue of the Crowned Virgin Mary along the procession esplanade, you'll see various statues of saints, all of which are protectors of the church and servants of the faith

Stations of the Cross - Hôtels Vinuales - Lourdes

Stations of the Cross
The stations of the Cross serve to help us relive the events of the passion of Jesus and reflect on their meaning.  There are fifteen stations representing the different stages along the pathway to Jesus and three ways of accomplishing this approach within the Shrines

The Baths - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Baths

The Baths welcome up to 350,000 pilgrims a year, an approach seen as step towards reconciliation

The Lourdes Grotto - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Lourdes Grotto

Massabielle Grotto, which believers call the Lourdes Grotto, is essential to your pilgrimage.  Touching the rock, seeing the statue of the Virgin Mary sheltered in the recess and Lourdes' source are so many symbols and invitations to contemplation

Pilgrimages and events in Lourdes

World day of the stick - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesWorld Day of the Sick

The 11th February will be devoted to the sick and disabled.
World Day of the Sick was initiated by Pope John Paul II, and falls on the same date as the anniversary of the 1st apparition in the Shrines of Our Lady of Lourdes

The 11th february - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe 11th February, celebration of Our Lady of Lourdes

Thursday 11th February 1858 is the date of the Virgin Mary's first apparition to Bernadette.  Each year thousands of believers gather to celebrate that anniversary day at the Shrines in Lourdes

The 18th february - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe 18th February, celebration of Saint Bernadette

Thursday 18th February1858, is the day of the 3rd apparition when Our Lady asked Bernadette if she would accept to grace her with her presence during fifteen days

The Sovereign Order of Malta - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Sovereign Order of Malta

At the begining of May. The Sovereign Order of Malta: one of the largest and oldest International charity organizations.



The Montfortains - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Montfortains

For the Shrines of Our Lady of Lourdes, this pilgrimage represents 7,000 pilgrims and 700 sick  people, served by members of the "Hospitalité Montfortain".



TThe HCPT pilgrimage - Hôtels Vinuales - Lourdeshe HCPT pilgrimage

After Easter week, the Handicapped Children Pilgrimage Trust, an English-speaking organization for the disabled, and children in particular, is an essential festive pilgrimage in Lourdes.


The Rosary pilgrimage

On every fisrt week of October, the French Rosary pilgrimage will gather close to 40,000 pilgrims including 1,300 sick for four days of prayer and reflection, liturgical actions and Christian sacraments in the Shrines of Lourdes

The Sanctuaries cities in France and Europe

Our Lady of LAus - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesOur Lady of Laus (Gap- Alpes de Haute Provence)
Official Marian Sanctuary since May 2008
Up to the village of Saint-Étienne-le-Laus, in may 1664, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young shepherdess, called Benoîte. She was living in the village with her family. During four months, every day, Benoîte led the flock into the place where she met the « Beautiful Lady »



Le Puy-en-Velay - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLe Puy-en-Velay

A shrine devoted to the Virgin MaryVelay back in the very early Middle Ages.  It rapidly gained National and European influence and is now a town of International influence. 

The fact that Notre-Dame cathedral has been inscribed on the World Heritage List byUnesco bears witness to the wealth of its architectural heritage and history.


Lisieux - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLisieux and Saint Theresa

At the dawn of the 20th century, France and then the whole world discovered the life and message of a young Norman Carmelite, Sister Theresa of the Infant Jesus. 

As a result Lisieux, the town she lived in, was to become a popular spiritual centre.



Mont Saint-Michel - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesMont Saint Michel

Mont Saint-Michel stands at the heart of a huge bay flooded by the highest tides in Europe. It was at the request of Archangel Michel that Saint Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, ordered the building of the first church.



Paray-le-Monial - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesParay-le-Monial, a shrine town

This town grew up around the monastery some time around 970.  It was the great 12th century monk and builder Saint Hugues of Semur, Abbot of Cluny, who initiated the building of the Basilica we know today.



Rocamadour - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesRocamadour and the Black Virgin

Rocamadour is remarkable for its 7 chapels that have made up the shrine devoted to Our Lady since the early Middle Ages.  Indeed, within a rock recess in the middle of the cliff, a chapel had been built to shelter a mysterious Black Virgin.



The cathedral of Chartres - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe cathedral of Chartres

Chartre cathedral boasts 9 carves portals, which are unique in France and 2,600 m2 stained glass windows.  It is a veritable encyclopedia of stone and glass which relates the history of religion to Christians worldwide.



La Salette - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLa Salette

Two communities of monks and nuns run this Shrine and a team of chaplains, priest and seculars in particular, are in charge of the various pilgrimage activities.



Lourdes - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLourdes

Between the 11th February and the 16th July 1858 at the Massabielle Grotto, the Virgin Mary appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous, a young miller's daughter

The history of the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

The shrine of ars - Hôtels Vinuales - Lourdes

The Shrine of Ars

Jean-Marie Vianney arrived in Ars on the 13th February 1818.  At the time, Ars was a small, unknown village in the Dombes area, and the future Parish priest of Ars a young man of 32.  Over the next 41 years, he was to officiate as the village's priest and confessor

The Shrine of Ars

Nevers and Bernadette - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesNevers and Saint Bernadette

Nevers, a town of art and history, is also an International town, being the final resting place of Saint Bernadette.  This ducal city attracts several thousand visitors a year thanks to the diversity and wealth of its tourist, religious and natural heritage


Altotting - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesAltötting (Germany)

Altötting is a Bavarian town situated between Munich and Salzburg in Germany.  The first Christian missionaries built a baptistry there, later to become a chapel devoted to the miraculous Virgin


Czestochowa - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesCzestochowa (Poland)

The miraculous image of a Black Virgin is the object of great devotion and the largest pilgrimage in Poland.  This 9th century icon was solemnly placed in the church of the Pauline monks in 1382


Loreto - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLoreto (Italy)

Loreto Shrine, South of the port of Ancone. Perched on a hill close to the Adriatic sea, Loreto, is the most popular pilgrimage site in Italy.  For over 700 years, Santa Casa and its portrait of the Virgin Mary, are the aims of a great many pilgrims



Fatima - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesFatima (Portugal)

At the origin of the Fatima pilgrimage in Portugal, three shepherds, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia witnessed Apparitions of the Virgin Mary and an angel. 

Thousands of people are now able to gather on "Cova da Iria" square to pray