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Holidays to Lourdes - Touristic Information

Lourdes, in the heart of the Pyrenees, is full of places to visit. Natural sites, recreation bases or outdoor activities, you'll discover a green destination.

In Lourdes

Lourdes'fortified castle - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLourdes' fortified castle

Built on a rocky peakoverlooking the town of Lourdes and the entrance of the 7 valleys of Lavedan, this fortress was once the home of the Counts of Bigorre.  Lourdes's fortified castle now houses the museum of Pyrenean arts and traditions



Pic du Jer - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesPic du Jer

Built in 1900, this Observatory set at an altitude of 1,000 m offers an unrestricted view over thePyrénées, Lourdes and its surrounding valleys.  If you're in Lourdes at night it can be identified thanks to its large illuminated cross.  A funicular railway takes you to the top  


Boly mill - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesBoly mill

Bernadette Soubirous' place of birth.  You'll see the bedroom where Bernadette was born as well as the old mill, as it was at the time.  Open all year round.
Rue Bernadette Soubirous - Lourdes. Tel +33 (0)5 62 42 16 36 


Tha cachot - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Cachot

The "Cachot" is the single, dark and cold room that the Soubirous family lived in until 1858.  Bernadette was living here at the time of the apparitions.  Open all year round. Rue des petits fosses - Lourdes. Tel +33 (0)5 62 94 51 30


The miraculous Medal Museum - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Miraculous Medal Museum

Discover the story of the Miraculous Medal; several languages available. 

Open from April to October 3 rue du porche - Lourdes . Tel +33 (0)5 62 94 42 21


Bernadette's life - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesAn overview of Bernadette's life

Discover this historical audio-visual reconstruction ofBernadette Soubirous' life in Lourdes as it was at the time, and relive the history of the apparitions. 

Open from April to October
38 rue de la Grotte - Lourdes. Tel +33 (0)5 62 94 43 84


Saint Bernadette Museum - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesSaint Bernadette Museum

A few metres from the Shrines, Saint Bernadette museum recounts the life of this young shepherdess born in Lourdes, Lourdes' message and the construction of the Shrines. 

Discover the rich history of the apparitions through the life of Lourdes' young shepherdess



The Wax Museum - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Wax Museum – Lourdes' equivalent to Paris's Musée Grévin

Boasting more than 2,000,000 visitors since it was created, Lourdes' wax museum ranks among the town's top tourist activities.  18 scenes and over 100 life-size wax characters, presented by the prestigious decorators of the Musée Grévin in Paris


The Nativity museum - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Nativity Museum

Discover the loveliest story ever told: the nativity; the birth of Jesus Christ and his childhood recounted within their ancient setting. 

You're in for a change of scenery thanks animated nativity scenes set in Bethlehem and the Pyrenean village

Around Lourdes (-20km)

Getting out and about around Lourdes
Less than 20 km from Lourdes

All these outings can be done by car from Lourdes.  Some outings are organized thanks to daily coach trips from Easter to October, and tickets are sold at the reception desk of your hotel (coach + visits) –Betharram Grotto – Bartrès…   Vinuales hotels are located close to Lourdes' coach station  (Excursions du Paradis coach station – Avenue du Paradis in Lourdes).  If you expect to be out all day, our hotels can supply you with a meal basket.

Lourdes's lake - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLourdes' lake - 2 km from Lourdes

Lourdes' lake is the only low altitude glacial lake in this part of the Pyrénées.  It was formedby an accumulation of water behind the moraine of the former glacier in Argelès (Pau's river gave)
Follow the direction that leads to the 18-hole golf course, Route de Pau

Lourdes'golf course - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesLourdes' golf course - 2 km from Lourdes

Lourdes' 18-hole golf course is situated on the southern side of Lourdes' lake in a magnificent site in the middle of a coniferous forest.  The majesty of the Pyrénées Mountains dominating the clear waters of the glacial lake are sure to breath peace and power into your game - 5.6 km course

Eagle dungeon
Beaucens (15 km from Lourdes)

An original and educational presentation of a most prestigious collection of birds of prey and raptors held in a remarkably converted 11th century feudal castle offering a wide panorama of the valley and the Pyrenean chain.

Betharram Caves - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesBétharram Caves
Saint Pé de Bigorre (15 km de Lourdes)

Rankingamong the most spectacular geological formations, Betharram Caves are the key to the formation of nearly all grottos.  They are made up of five levels, like storeys in a house, each having been hollowed out at a different time

National Stud farm - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesNational Stud Farm
Tarbes (15 km from Lourdes)

Tarbes' National Stud Farm is opening up to topical events, such as "Southern breeds" and "horse-related arts and techniques"; the equestrian festival Equestria late in July attracts thousands of spectators

Henri the IV route - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesHenri the IV Route

Henri the IV Route is a hiking track that links Franqueville Franqueville Château in Bizanos near Pau (in the Pyrénées-Atlantique) to Lourdes' lake (in the Hautes-Pyrénées)



The Wildlife PARK - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Wildlife Park Argelès Gazost (10 km from Lourdes)

Discover the animals that live in the Pyrénées and enjoy the privileged opportunity of observing their life in the wild.  Take a dive into the underwater world of the otters, share the intimacy of brown bears and wolves and get a taste of the freedom of mountain sheep and izards, and the drollness of squirrels and mischievousness of foxes. Get to know each animal species and listen to the explanation of those who care for them


Bartrès - 4 km from Lourdes

The small village ofBartrès is where Bernadette Soubirous tented sheep when she was a young shepherdess, a short time before she witnessed the apparitions.  She lived for a time with her wet nurse in Burg farm, which has retained its former aspect and Bernadette's room as it was at the time.
Visits every day from April to October

Around Lourdes (+20km)

Getting out and about around Lourdes 
- More than 20 km distance from Lourdes-

All these outings can be done by car from Lourdes.  Some outings are organized thanks to daily coach trips from Easter to October, and tickets are sold at the reception desk of your hotel (coach + visits) – Pic du Midi, Gavarnie's cirque, Pont d’Espagne, the Basque coast and much more…
Hôtels Vinuales are located close to Lourdes' coach station (Excursions du Paradis coach station – Avenue du Paradis in Lourdes).
If you expect to be out all day, our hotels can supply you with a meal basket

Gavarnie's cirque - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesGavarnie's cirque 40 km from Lourdes

Here the wonderful sight of the mountains is all around, on the ridges of the Marboré kissed by the sun, in the splashing waters of the cascades and along the route that leads to the l'Hôtellerie du cirque, where you'll be able to have something to eat.


Grottes de Médous - Bagnères de Bigorre (20 km from Lourdes)


On the road to the passes of Tourmalet and Aspin, on a route totalling 1 km, this geological cave is an attraction 30 minutes from Lourdes. The tour includes a 200 m course boat trip on the underground river of the Adour open from Easter to October


Pont d’Espagne & Gaube lake Cauterets (35 km from Lourdes)

Having benefited from an absolutely remarkable protection and preservation programme, this area couldn't be nicer.  It gets its name from being located along the route that mule-drivers once used to get to Spain.  Gaube lake is accessible by cable car during the Summer


The Basque coast - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesThe Basque coast 150 km from Lourdes

Discover Biarritz, Virgin's rock, the Sea Museum and the Chocolate Museum. Make the most of the day to enjoy a walk along the beach and port; an ideal outing for a relaxing day out

Estaing's lake - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesEstaing's lake In the direction of Argelès Gazost – 30 km from Lourdes

The lake and its surrounding countryside (the Val d'Azun) is very restful.  You can stroll with your children and even pick the blue thistles.  Wild animals are also present with Eurasian griffon vultures and bearded vultures in the sky and nesting along the rock face around the lake.


Pau's Castle - Hôtels Vinuales - LourdesPau's Castle 40 km from Lourdes

The very first wooden fortification was most probably built before the 11th century on a rocky spur near the river Gave in Pau.  The viscounts of the Bearn area built the first fortified castle during the 11th century to benefit from a privileged geographical situation opposite the Pyrenean chain. The riches to be found in its museum make this a very pleasant visit to the heart of France's history.